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Italian Balcony Ideas

Posted at January 8th, 2016 | Categorised in Balcony

Italian Balcony Ideas – Balcony is a good idea to add in any house, home or apartment. It’s the perfect transition between the inside and the outside, between the cultured inside and the wilderness outside. Lots of thing can be added between the roof and the balcony. Balcony itself is an Italian word that derived from the word Balcone which mean scaffold. Balconies has long a history it use and function varies. If you happen to remember lots of announcement were made on balcony with the mass overlooking them from below. Various drama stage also used balcony as one of their element like Romeo and Juliet.

Italian Balcony ideas range from it’s functionality to their aesthetics. At first it was made as an extension to the house, adding more space to hang their clothes. That is right, Balconies were made out of necessity not for aesthetics reasons. In Italy, balcony is a part of lifestyle. People used to throw basket with money in it, attach it to a rope and have their daily necessity delivered this way. This is a practice that is still used in Italy. In the past only rich people build a decorative balconies to made their house to look beautiful or to lounge around. Even then they still build balconies for their servant to hang wet clothes around the back of the house.

The Italian Balcony ideas of aesthetic comes from the romantic imaginary of beautiful woman waiting for their love counterpart coming to rescue. If you happen to remember a memorable line of dialogue of the classical Romeo and Juliet you will get the idea.

Balconies is a proxy between in inside and outside, a place for relaxation, sunbathing, enjoy a fresh evening tea, the perfect spot to watch a festivity, ceremonies and public announcement and many other.

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