Japanese Modern Kitchen Design

October 4th, 2015 Kitchen

One thing in particular about Japanese people is their particular preparedness for food. It’s not just Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian most of the eastern people are always took a detailed step to prepare their food. Japanese, especially are fond of cooking, they don’t really like something that has already been proceeds. Instead, they go to the local market in the morning buy their grocery, meat and fruit in the morning. That is why japanese people tend to have live a long age because they always eat healthy food every morning.

Their philosophy in their food are shown in how they design heir kitchen. Japanese kitchen tend to show a very simple line of design. Straightforward line of furniture and rather sparse at that. Very minimal compared to their western counterpart.

The kitchen are usually integrated into one with the dining room and living room. Even in the local food shop, say Japanese ramen, you can see the cook preparing your noodle because the kitchen is in plain sight because you are sitting in front of it. The philosophy in this japanese modern kitchen design is really good. They can combine cooking eating and relaxing in one go as for the ramen shop above you can add excitement into it. I mean, who wouldn’t? It’ really fun to watch a pro cook’s cooking.

Japanese modern kitchen design often apply wood or metallic design in their kitchen. They also tend to use straight line in the floor lamp and other places not to mention the lack of ornament or decoration. This is good, because there is less distraction for the eye. They also love to incorporated one themed tone in the kitchen. usually calm or pale color with wood or dark and grim color with metallic design. This too, was also meant to reduce the visual distraction

The Luxury Kitchen: the Soul of the Home

October 1st, 2015 Kitchen

The anchor of any home is the kitchen, a place where family and friends gather. It is the room that often makes the first impression to your guests. Here, a visitor can immediately tell what type of home you have created. And today, because kitchens are family central, more money is being devoted to creating luxury kitchen than ever before.

A luxury kitchen doesn’t have to imply over the top, it can simply mean that the most important room of your home can have a luxurious feel. Whether your style is simple yet sensible, modern, sleek, sophisticated or an electicmixture of all design styles, the overall goal is to create an inviting, comforting kitchen. Not only do luxury kitchens stand the test of time and offer a good investment in home value it is a reminder that luxury is a timeless appeal. It never goes out of style.

Remember, it’s all in the details, details, details! Whether your purchase is truly high end or it’s something as simple as the perfect accessory, details and simple touches will create an inspired look. Of course a design that is timeless yet functional adds to the energy of a well thought out kitchen. In today’s hectic world, entertaining revolves around the kitchen. Whether you are feeding an army of children or preparing an elegant dinner party, a kitchen is the popular living space that guests are automatically drawn to and serves as the hub of the home. Comfortable seating, creative and inspiring accessories, the aroma of good food all ensure that the kitchen is a year-round room.

It is important to remember that homes serve as a place where memories are formed. A tired home, particularly a dated kitchen does not particularly offer an inviting place for families and friends to gather. Long ago, kitchens were overlooked and designed to serve only the most practical of needs. Today, that has changed. A luxury kitchen with it’s open appeal is a magnet for people to gather. It can offer also a blissful retreat for enjoying your first cup of coffee in the morning or winding down the day with a hot cup of tea. When you create a beautiful space, you want to be there every day This is especially true for someone who enjoys cooking and socializing at the same time. Interacting with your family while creating a meal or sitting at the kitchen island helping children with homework, there is a reason why luxury kitchens are the soul of a home.

Remarkable Italian Design Household kitchen Cabinets : Ethnic and Modern Mix

September 30th, 2015 Kitchen

The appeal of Italian design household kitchen cabinets is constantly able making a household kitchen looks more gorgeous. Well, contemporary design age, territorial character like France or Italian design like this is not actually matter. Nevertheless, we can simply reject that those unique design styles are constantly able to include something that make world design richer in the type and design. There are some gorgeous Italian cabinets items that now work together with minimalistic design. As all of us understand that minimalistic design is the one that offer the identity of modernity in every area decor or furnishings design. It appears that this minimalist and ethnic design mix will certainly have the ability to end up being the brand new trend in kitchen area design.

There are some examples of modern kitchen area cabinets that able to expose Italian character in contemporary minimalist household kitchen setting. Have a look at this stunning modern Italian household kitchen design that established by EVAA House Design Center. In this charming household kitchen decor, you will certainly able to see such a charming Italian design character in every inch of the household kitchen. Although all the aspects that associate with this amazing household kitchen cabinets design is made by modern day producers, the strong timeless Italian character is still emerge in the design, which is fantastic.

White Italian Design Kitchen area Cabinets with Glass Screens

The Highly Minimalist Kitchen area Design that produces by Korn Interior decoration, Inc. is the other developments that will certainly able to expose the mix of contemporary design with Italian design. In this condo kitchen area setting, you will certainly able to feel and see the Italian design character however all them can be found in extremely contemporary design efficiency.

household kitchen cabinets

The design that exposed by those stunning household kitchen setting is undoubtedly something that can end up being such a fantastic example of how Italian design associate with modern day kitchen area production. Italian design kitchen area designs are constantly everything about open area and ethnic Italian design character, similar to exactly what was exposed by those examples above.

Well, contemporary design period, territorial character like France or Italian design like this is not actually matter. Take an appearance at this gorgeous modern Italian kitchen area design that established by EVAA House Design. All of the aspects that include in this amazing kitchen area design is made by modern day producers, the strong timeless Italian character is still emerge in the design, which is remarkable.

Japanese Modern Decor

September 24th, 2015 Home Interior

Japanese are renowned of their simplicity and straight for live and they show in the home design. In traditional japanese house, there are mostly a one room with segmented into different function and separated by wasi paper slide wall or thin wall created from a combination of plaster and bamboo or wood frame. In japanese modern decor the wall has been replaced with tick wall made from concrete or brick but japanese still use the sliding door and the tatami which cover the entire floor, mostly.

True to their efficient nature japanese modern decor use the sliding door as a way to save space, in modern design they are mostly used indoor while the door that lead to the outside use a modern door that came from the west. As for the tatami, most japanese prefer to stay sat down without chair and couch. Tatami serve as a giant mattress that cover the entire house but the are only used on the living room and the bedroom some have them in the dining room but the most of the modern design have the kitchen and dining room combined to save space. Japanese house also use wood floor and their wall isn’t as thick as in the western because of the high frequency earthquake and tsunami in Japan. When it happen the want to rebuild it as much as possible.

On to the japanese modern decor, japanese like to use natural, neutral and soft colors. Aims for colors like soft beige, brown and grey tones. Keep the wall simple, no wallpaper and of course no random pictures across the wall. Saving space are important even if it just for the sake of appearance. Don’t put any excessive furniture or furnishing outside, keep them behind the cabinet and storage, don’t let them clutter around. Tidiness is serious business in Japan.

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